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How is the ideal thermal transfer paper hot stamping effect

Not all of the thermal transfer paper in the process of hot stamping will have very good effect, with the development of the technology of thermal transfer paper, thermal transfer paper also began to appear in our daily life, and it is widely used up, but if you want to good effect will need to master certain skills.

1, determine the pressure: hot stamping pressure there is a standard, if pressure is too small, so can not paper and printing substrates adhesion, which reduces the fastness. If pressure is too great, can produce substrates increase compression deformation, deformation pattern. If hot stamping complex uneven product requires attention to the uniformity of the pressure point, the hot stamping wheel and the substrates demand higher pressure Angle.

2, determine the speed: it needs to determine according to the stamping area, and want to consider the power of heating temperature. First rate, then determine the pressure, and finally determine the temperature.

3, determine the temperature: when the temperature is too low will lead to very hot printing or hot stamping is not firm, still can let printing appear fuzzy or lose luster, color is darker. We are in the process of use should take into account the factors such as pressure, velocity, area, room temperature, the temperature is in commonly in the range of 180 ℃, 220 ℃, and when the temperature is determined, the need to maintain a constant, can't get too much volatility

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