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How to choose to do thermal transfer products

One,to determine whether the product is suitable for thermal transfer

1,the material is suitable for:

If the thermal transfer paper supplier actively looking for you, he would ask you to do what product, look at what you do products are not suitable for thermal transfer?

2,size fits:

Heat transfer is limited for the width of the product. Different manufacturers have different maximum width. So the supplier will ask size, namely, long and money. Before to do thermal transfer paper flowers film, plate making, version is carved into a pattern of ink tank vehicle manufacturers can not be too wide, the limitation on the width is the limitation on the version. Size of another role is to determine the layout, including a picture how to row, a registering how many picture, how many registering, etc.

3,the surface is suitable:

This machine can do product surface requirement surface is smooth and rules, mainly cylinder, sphere vertebral bodies, etc. The supplier will according to the product ask customer again.

Second,the supplier recommended to do thermal transfer

Common situations:

Customers do silk screen: original supplier generally from the printing effect, production efficiency, environmental protection, healthy sexual analysis the advantage of heat transfer, with a focus on the interpretation of thermal transfer paper multicolor printing effect and not easy to fall off. Of course, have different specific content is very flexible. Purchaser didn't do printing: usually from value of the product, the supplier to marketing advantages of thermal transfer paper, etc.

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