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The importance and necessity of heat transfer machine maintenance

In the oil field, the heat transfer machinery lubrication is an important part of the equipment maintenance work. To keep the printing machine oil flow is smooth, related to the whole machine moving parts lubrication. It is necessary to change the oil and oil filter device, so that the flow of oil into the pipeline without impurities, to avoid some of the oil plug. Especially the unit needle bearing supporting roller, if there is no oil lubrication and cooling, will cause the bearing and the roller shaft long dry friction, when abnormal, the shaft and the bearing inner ring has been glued, light weight replacement inner ring, roller shaft serious damage.

From the mechanical point of view, only the equipment operator to strengthen the maintenance, so that the mechanical parts of the machine to maintain clean lubrication, flexible operation, in order to give full play to the technical performance of the equipment, keep the equipment intact. If the machine staff to understand this, usually ground maintenance, keep clean, the accumulation of ink on the machine in time to clear, you can reduce the maintenance rate of the machine. This will not only reduce downtime, improve production efficiency, but also to save spare parts replacement costs.

Electrical aspects should also be maintained. Sometimes the electrical control box of the machine internal relay contact dust accumulation too much, resulting in poor contact relay contacts, so that the machine can not run. There are many other similar problems, such as the Madane dust accumulation too much will affect the brush frame shift and reset, and the influence of the pressing force on the spring on the brush brush frame, the carbon brush and the commutator copper head is bad, will cause the machine operation difficult.

The gas path, press roller, water roller, alongside version and ink roller ink action is realized through the control valve to control the cylinder piston movement. Sometimes, because the control valve or cylinder valve seal damage caused by water, causing the valve or cylinder leak, the water roll off by version roller, the situation is not good. In addition, due to the accumulation of ink in the motion control mechanism, resulting in these moving parts of the movement is not flexible, but increased the burden on the control valve and the cylinder, resulting in the control valve seal vulnerable. In addition, due to the aging of the rubber hose, pipe leakage, pipeline pressure drops rapidly, so that the control valve can not be opened, it can not complete the clutch pressure action. Such as increasing pressure, will shorten the life of the machine. All these problems are usually caused by poor maintenance, so to strengthen the maintenance, make daily, weekly and monthly maintenance is very important, it can prolong the service life of the machine, but also can improve the production efficiency.

The above mentioned heat transfer printing machine maintenance and equipment department supervision and inspection is inseparable. Diligent in the inspection, the hidden danger nipped in the cradle, is to ensure the normal operation of the magic weapon equipment, rapid maintenance is a favorable guarantee for printing aging, thermal transfer processing technology is a prerequisite for the maintenance of equipment. Therefore, in peacetime work to always learn new knowledge, and constantly accumulate experience, improve the level of management and maintenance of equipment, in order to continuously improve the equipment in good condition, to ensure the timeliness and quality of printed matter.

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