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The method for the use of the heat transfer machine coating

At present, the development of thermochromic coating has the following kinds: black, red, yellow, blue, can also develop the color derived color, mainly used for mugs. When poured into hot water, the color will fade out gradually, and show the transfer pattern, after cooling back to the original state.

The traditional color cup is coated with the coating and then advance color transfer pattern, the disadvantage is look can see transfer ink marks, because color coating below; our products are the first printed pattern, then coating, heating coating color image were gradually, slowly show, after cooling can not see any image. True to the magical feeling.

Heat transfer machine is mainly used for ceramic coating were in liquid product and metal plate printing bad key buckle, ZIP lighter, not suitable for sport pot and Pearl board, because of their special coating. When used by immersion or brushing can be coated India bad foaming soft with coarse cloth or paper by rubbing off, and then cleaning agent, xylene alcohol or dishwashing can thoroughly remove grease. If is the most easy to remove bad porcelain, porcelain just finished and heat. This product is strongly corrosive and should be worn with antiseptic rubber gloves. Do not touch the skin or eyes.

How to use thermochromic coating?

Can standard baking coasters bake small caliber cups?

Generally, there are two kinds of standard mats and small caliber baking coasters. Standard pad baking mat commonly known as type I, it can bake India 7.5-9cm cups; small caliber coasters that type baking coasters can bake India 5-7.5cm caliber cup.

Here we provide a simple and effective way, can let the standard baking mat can bake India 189 bone china cups and other small caliber cups, you can not only reduce equipment investment, and reduce the replacement mat trouble. It is in the standard pad baking mat in a size of 25 * 11cm, the thickness of high temperature heat conduction silicone pad 3mm (not too close to the cup book, too thick heating time is too long, resulting in image blurring) after the test with 180oC small roast bake for about four minutes.

Is not after baking cups or plates immediately after quenching in cold water in it?

Not necessarily, and not like some websites said, in order to prevent the ink continues to evaporate, must be thrown into the water cooling. As long as the heat transfer machine left the substrate heating position will not be sublimation ink volatile, so natural cooling or forced air cooling can be, and some of the thermal expansion coefficient is not high in the ceramic baking time no bake into the cold water burst, but will burst, especially to be especially careful in winter.

Sublimation ink for ink jet paper what kind of good?

In addition to textile deep color, other items of heat transfer are used in dye sublimation ink has a, a lot of people misunderstanding, think more and better high-end inkjet printing paper, on the contrary, the higher the resolution inkjet paper ink absorption ability is strong, so the sublimation ink particles more difficult to release from the ink-jet paper inside the gasification, so heat transfer to the substrate surface color light, the color is not rich. With the kind of cheap but contains a lot of harmful substances (some even can smell the pungent odor, and thick) residues of chemical substances will dissolve the sublimation ink, also not to restore the image of the most effect. Special sublimation inkjet printing paper can be more than 90% ink sublimation release to substrate coating (ordinary ink-jet paper only about 50%), the maximum reduction of true color, also makes the heat transfer machine products can keep more long bright colors! Special sublimation inkjet printing paper because of different origin there are many, there is a common American special paper, Korean paper, Holland paper, paper, paper, Japan Italy Taiwan paper, paper is also available.

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