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The temperature required for heat transfer is usually several degrees centigrade

Question (Q): what is the temperature required for heat transfer? Does it affect the transfer material?

Answer (A): different materials require different heat transfer temperature, the plastic part, hard glue (ABS, acrylic etc.) than the soft category (PP, PE) required to transfer a temperature of about 180 degrees Celsius low. (thermometers are detected with silicon and rolls, the surface of the rubber sheet is about 170 degrees -200 degrees Celsius), while the PVC class requires lower temperatures (about 150 degrees -180 degrees Celsius). Because the transfer between heat source and substrate with a layer of heat-resistant Ge films, plus contact time is not long (about 1cm/0.5-1 seconds transfer rollers, rubber pressure straight for about 1-4 seconds / time), the basic will not lead to the substrate deformation object, but if the substrate is less than the soft flat 0.5mm, then there will be a small amount of deformation.

The heat transfer equipment is used to decorate aluminum shaped materials and all kinds of metal plates, and can achieve the effect of woodwork or marble. According to the principle of sublimation heat transfer equipment is working, it can be in 3-5 minutes will need wood or marble quickly transferred to aluminum shaped material powder coating surface and can penetrate into the inner coating of 40-60 micron. Aluminum transfer printing production process: first, use film machine to heat transfer film roll to cut the size required. Two is to cut the transfer film with transfer printing ultrasonic packaging machine, according to the size of the workpiece, with ultrasonic welding into workpiece package bag. The three is to insert the workpiece into the package bag made of transfer film on the packing platform. Four the workpiece is wrapped on the transfer film car platform heat transfer machine, which can be put 18 pieces of aluminum, aluminum will be connected to the two ends of the vacuum tap and lock, open the vacuum switch, the transfer film on aluminum stick. The car will automatically send aluminum to the baking furnace, baking oven automatically warming 220 degrees, and heat preservation for 3 minutes, the car automatically withdraw from the baking oven. The five is to release the vacuum tap and remove the workpiece. Six is to remove the transfer film, and check the quality of the workpiece.

The process of offset heat transfer printing is to cut the heat transfer paper into required size by using film cutting machine. The two is the thermal transfer paper film attached to the surface of the workpiece and put them in the plate heat Zhan printing machine. The three is to push the flat plate to the plate heat transfer machine heating zone, press the platen switch, press the heat transfer paper tightly on the workpiece, heating and holding for a minute. Four is to raise the pressure plate, push the workpiece to the piece, remove the transfer film, the workpiece to go down and check.

Thermal transfer technology is widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials, decoration and so on. As a result of corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, wear and tear, fire protection, outdoor use, maintain 15 years without discoloration and other properties, almost all products are produced in this way labels. For example, open the cell phone shell, you can see inside the closely packed with bar code labels. A lot of labels can stand the test of time, the long-term deformation, do not fade, not because of exposure to solvents will wear, not because of higher temperature on the deformation and discoloration, it is necessary to adopt a kind of special material of print media and print materials to ensure these properties, general inkjet and laser printing technology is unable to achieve.

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