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What is thermal sublimation transfer paper?

Heat sublimation transfer printing is a portrait, landscape, such as text by using a thermal sublimation transfer printing ink inkjet printer to mirror print on the sublimation transfer printing with inkjet paper, heated to a temperature of about 200 ℃ after thermal transfer equipment, make the sublimation paper sublimation thermal transfer ink seep into the substrates, so as to put the paper on the color image lifelike to transfer to textiles, porcelain, porcelain, porcelain plate, metal material such as a new technology.

Product specification: hot sublimation is used for the printing of ink jet paper roll paper.

Width: 0.21m; 0.30 m; 0.42 m; 0.48 m; 0.61 m; 0.914 m; 1.118 m; 1.3 m; 1.6 m; 1.62 m (1.8 yuan per square meter) (customizable according to user's requirements)

Common specification for flat sheet paper: A4:21cm * 29.7 cm (100 pieces per pack)

Suitable for product printers: ESPON; Mimaki; Roland. muto

The use of thermal sublimation transfer paper

1, what is the sublimation heat transfer printing sublimation transfer printing is a portrait, landscape, such as text by using a thermal transfer ink inkjet printer to mirror reverse way to print on the sublimation transfer paper, and then heated to a temperature of about 200 ℃ after thermal transfer equipment, heat sublimation thermal transfer ink on paper will be in the form of gasification into substrates, so as to put the paper on the vivid images to transfer to textiles, porcelain, porcelain, porcelain plate, metal material such as a new technology.

2, suitable for the printer of our products Normal inkjet printers: epson C65, 830 u, R210, R310, R800, 1520 k, EX3, 1290, 2100, Lenovo: CJ100, etc Wide inkjet printers: epson 3000, 4000, 4000, hs, 7600, 9600, 10600; Roland, Mutoh, Encad, Mimaki and others

3, to use special heat sublimation transfer printing ink Must use the sublimation transfer printing ink, this kind of made of disperse dye inks, the heat transfer temperature will produce sublimation with substrates and dyeing. The quality of hot sublimation ink is not suitable for blocking sprinkler head, the color is realistic and the stability is good.

4. Adjust the appropriate color concentration to adjust the concentration of color in the computer, avoid the occurrence of excessive ink drying, and then check the effect of the heat transfer printing after adjustment.

5, adjust the appropriate hot pressing temperature and time of thermal transfer temperature range of about 180-180 ℃, time of about 10 to 30 seconds, before the formal mass transfer should make small decision optimum technological parameters.

6. The hot pressing surface must be pressed against the hot pressing surface, transfer paper, and the surface of the substrate when the heat transfer is required.

7, the advantages of heat sublimation transfer printing The sublimation transfer printing graphic colorful, rich, its effect is equivalent to that of the printing, heat sublimation transfer printing is in high temperature heated sublimation thermal transfer ink into objects, which form a colorful image after sublimation. Therefore, the heat transfer product is durable, the image won't fall off, crack and fade.

Common problems and solutions in the printing process:

1, flat hot stamping machine inserts for the following materials (cotton, sponges, cardboard, etc.) after the moisture absorption in the process of transfer printing ink produced in too much water will lead to transfer printing, cause by transfer printing cloth pattern color becomes weak or local aerosol or water striate interference, so before the transfer printing and transfer printing on a regular basis in the process of hot pressing a few times, the moisture evaporate on the liner cotton can improve the situation, if conditional word, it should be replaced in a timely manner, dry liner material.

2. Print good patterns and transfer materials to avoid damp, otherwise, especially the cylinder press can make the paper soft and wrinkle, and the stripes will appear on the cloth. Also, the transfer rate will be lower, the pattern color is not bright, the contour of the pattern will be changed when the pattern is serious. The color contrast of the color contrast between the dry transfer and the reprinted cloth will be chromatic. The more severe the damp, the worse the situation will be. Since the above factors printed good paper (to be transferred) and the cloth should be kept in a dry room, humidity should be controlled under 60%.

3, transfer paper, heat transfer under the tablet press, sometimes produce ghosting, its reason is: transfer paper compares level when thermal transfer, not immediately heated bending under pressure machine, paper and cloth can stick flat. In the heat transfer press the hot pressing plate is raised in a moment, the paper will be attached to the fabric together on the upper pressure board, then float down. At this time, the transfer of the heat transfer paper to the cloth will produce a shift secondary transfer, forming a very light shade.

In order not to produce heavy shadow, the following methods can be solved:

It reduces the speed of ascent. We can adjust the flat hot stamping machine press cylinder (or oil cylinder) speed regulator (the choke or throttle), will control valve pressure plate is raised a little bit small, slow to make clamp lift, pressure plate is raised that paper and fabric is not easy to be sucked up together, so you can avoid falling off the ghosting secondary transfer problem. The four corners are dipped in water. If the transfer paper is smaller than the fabric, can transfer paper print pattern 4 Angle with no water (a small point, 0.5 square centimeters or less) and then covering the transfer printing on fabrics, at the time of transfer printing lining fusing with dip in water, after the transfer will not dislocation and fabrics to produce secondary transfer of double. After transfer, if the area of the fabric is burnt yellow, you can wipe it with water.

Cover the law. If transfer paper is bigger than the fabric, you can override the fabric surface, the paper generally will not be hot pressing plate, absorption and fabric physical reason for this is because the sucked up is fabrics electrostatic effect, after the paper cover fabric partition the electrostatic effect on the fabrics, also won't go up and down the second transfer printing.


Use special adhesive transfer paper. To avoid ghosting is the best way to use special transfer paper, sticky sticky in transfer printing, transfer printing paper and fabric paste together, so that no matter how paper and fabric sucked up and down, paper and fabric laminating together all the time, eliminate the possibility of a shift to produce ghosting, using sticky paper can greatly improve the operation convenience and the qualified rate of mass production.

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